Most jobs can be done for around $450 plus gst with a 12 month warranty. There are two species of possums common in metropolitan areas, the brushtail and ringtail possum. Both will nest in the roof, however it’s more common to have brushtails in the roof. They can cause damage to wiring, urinate and defecate inside the roof, causing unpleasant odours and an unhygienic environment for humans. They are protected native animals and cannot be harmed. Removal can be a tricky process, a thorough inspection of the roof, eaves and perimeter needs to be carried out. Repairs to entry points need to be carried out, and a one way door fitted to allow them to leave at night. Once they have left they will try to get back in any way they can find. For this reason, not only the entry point needs to be fixed, but also any vulnerable areas where they may get back in. Weatherboard houses are the most troublesome. If you choose another operator please ensure they are a licensed pest controller, there are many cowboy handymen out there claiming to be professionals.
You can see my licence details here.



It’s fairly rare for adults to have a serious health issue due to spider bite, however children are more at risk. Apart from some of them being venomous, they frighten and startle humans.
Thankfully spiders are fairly easy to manage. Having a repellent barrier spray around the house will give you protection for a season.



Many people can’t stand the sight of cockroaches, the house is no place for them as they are a serious health risk to humans. At night time when we are generally asleep, they come out to forage, crawling all over your kitchen benches and inside your pantries in search of food.
Cockroaches require a thorough inspection to find the breeding/harbourage areas, treating these will quickly eliminate any populations. Care must be taken to inspect any new items coming into the kitchen.



Ants are impressive with what they can achieve, however they are not welcome in the home, they spread germs, commonly to kitchen areas. They will nest inside the roof, walls or sub floor. They can even cause electrical problems with switches and light fittings. Some are in search of proteins, others search for sweet food sources. Treating ants will vary according to the situation.



Silverfish are commonly found in dark areas, such as the sub floor, wall cavities and the roof. They commonly attack and damage clothing.
Treating these areas will have a quick knock down and lasting protection.



Bedbugs are an increasing problem due to the travel habits of humans, they are often picked up from overseas trips or from hotels here and abroad.
They require very thorough inspection of the entire house. Treatment will vary according to the situation.



Rats and mice are here to stay, they are great survivors and can be hard to control in some situations. Initial knock down of the population is often quick and effective, however a good inspection of the house and surrounds will often show areas which can be modified to reduce further problems. Rodents breed at an alarming rate and colonise surrounding homes, therefore, it’s likely that if you have them, one or more of your neighbours also will. It’s a good idea to talk to your neighbours to see if they have a problem as well. Baiting at the same time will give a better longer lasting result. Treating multiple houses in one visit will also give you a discount.


Bees and Wasps

Bees are important for pollination. In some cases the hive can be moved, however nesting in your wall is no place for them and there is no option but to eliminate them. Either way they can be treated quickly, eliminating any threat to your family.
Wasps on the other hand, have no benefits and are an accidentally introduced pest species. The nest should be found and eliminated as quickly as possible.
Both bees and wasps will attack when under threat, a bee suit, proper chemical and training is required.



Fleas are great survivors, due to many households having pets makes us vulnerable to infestations. Their bites are incredibly itchy and a house infested with them is rendered impossible to live in. All floor surfaces, sub floor and garden need to be treated. Any pets should be treated with an appropriate control.